We Don't Fit In A Box

Music, trains, workshops, reunions, networking and even more music! A hectic week working around the country but so many uplifting moments and insights! Last week started like it does every Monday at the moment; at the train station on my way to Liverpool to teach the young musicians with additional needs in young DaDa ensemble! I'm now getting used to travelling the three hour journey across the country to Liverpool but after previous weeks snow drama I was praying this journey would not be another six hour adventure! Luckily it was a smooth three hour journey and I made it to the session with no issue! I was even able to say the destination this week to the taxi driver too! On arrival at t

Am I there yet?

Anxiety, new music, new projects, and a pain in the leg... It's been a crazy few weeks and it's been a pretty crazy journey but I think I'm going the right way! The last few weeks have proved to be very challenging thanks to my anxiety and a constant pain in my leg! But there's been amazing times too, including; releasing a new music video and starting a new project in Liverpool! 3 weeks ago my anxiety came back with a vengeance. My anxiety stems from tough experiences I had at school and similar experiences reoccurring in some work settings the last few months. My anxiety manifests itself in different ways, I have a lot of physical symptoms. When the combination of my disabilities and anxie

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